Donation time!

Today I have a chance to make good on my word. My original goal was to donate ten percent of each book sale to a research foundation. So, I thought it over for a bit, sought out some ideas and what not.

Fast forward to about now, where the book has had a nice showing online, I was shocked. But crunching a few numbers, it was plain as day: my idea for a donation to a cause wasn’t going to be very impactful. A trusted mentor offered a suggestion. I shared with him my dilemma. Without hesitating, he said, “Donate all of it!”

Well, here we are. I like to take risks, and I’m not afraid to fail. But this is a win any way you look at it. And my risks are more calculated than they were in the past. I’m a little fish in a big old pond, but it suits me right now as I continue to navigate the world of publishing and all its one-way streets, rejections and hidden costs. What excites me is the thought of looking back and remembering that we made a splash, complete with ripple effect and a chance to make an impact.

All I really desire is a chance.

You remember that one donation. That in your heart, you knew you were doing the right thing ─ well, this one’s mine, but I consider it ours. It’s not about me or any fictional character in a book, movie or tv show. It’s about our youth. It’s for them and their future. When early-onset brain and behavior disorders can be detected, chances improve for a kid to attend the school dance, go to college, travel, get married ─ the possibilities are endless, as we all know from our own experiences.

These children deserve that chance.

What’s happening at the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation is just that, it’s about research, future discoveries, knowledge and learning about the most complex puzzle of all ─ the human brain. Take a few minutes to scroll through their website and read about some of the recent advances in psych research. Keep in mind that 100% of our donation of $514.00 goes to research, not operating expenses which are covered by the philanthropy of two generous families. BBRF also is the producer of the Emmy nominated public television series “Healthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein,” aimed at reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.

Bottom line, your purchase of my book, “The Age of Majority” and all its quirks and neurotic, risky behaviors from its three main characters, is now part of a donation to BBRF, and who knows, maybe we’ll be part of a major breakthrough in medical research. Although our airwaves are marred by despondence and gloom ─ especially lately ─ we are living in an ‘age of hope’ I like to call it, and a purpose driven life has been laid out before each and every one of us, to make good, in our time.

With gratitude,

TR Smith

📸 1) Tonight I’ll toast our donation with a cigar, Partagas it will be, just like in the book. Booker should be awake by then. 🐾

📸 2) Amazon’s breakdown of royalty payments. Light on the ‘royal’ part but accurate nonetheless. It’s been a fun ride!


  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I know you’ve impacted someone, some family out there somewhere, Tyler. Just wow. Proud of you ♥️

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